Can somebody explain this to me

Against the background of above cited already known information, let some old questions be repeated:
• Are God, Allah and Bhagawan etc. same or different?
• If God/Allah/Bhagawan had created universe, then who created God/Allah/Bhagawan?
• Where God/Allah/Bhagawan are/is located now?
• Why God/Allah/Bhagawan are/is HE and not SHE? (Hindus have a few ‘she’).
• What God/Allah/Bhagawan were/was doing before creation of Universe and what will they/he do after the extinction of human race (no use to talk of universe) on earth?
• Why religions are concerned with the humans on earth only which is a non-entity in comparison to the vastness (in terms of time and space) of the universe.
• Are/is God/Allah/Bhagawan only related to humans and have/has a very indirect and vague relationship with the universe beyond humans?
• Why God/Allah/Bhagawan are/is so shamelessly pre-occupied with humans and supposedly keep(s) on telling them all the dos and don’ts of life like frustrated teachers? Why can’t they/he make automatic changes in the humans?
• Why our nearest primate chimpanzees do not have God/Allah/Bhagawan?
* Why there is no corelation between genetic difference within humans and their difference in religious beliefs?
• Why all religions claim about the presence of places like paradise and hell for humans and not for other animals?
• Who needs whom? Is it humans who need God/Allah/Bhagawan or it is other way round?


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