Today after a break I’m here again.sorry guys been away for a while because of my illness.hope everyone stayed my followers what is the current update for religious activities?what are been up to.whats is their next motivation to change the world.i wanted to know is God solving all the problems that occurred in our human life.i was born in a religious family and always been asked to follow the religion and I will be happy.most interesting thing is the family who is giving the advise the are not happy themselves.why God don’t help themselves.i always tried to express my own view to public but because of social I’m 34 years old.i was born in decent family but evryone knows they are religious and pious.but nobody knows the secret.i have been withnessed so many domestic violence sexual abuse unreasonable matters which just can’t be explained in short.its just not in one family it’s all over the society in the third world countries. I was sent to help the poor people in community religious school (madrasa).where I have seen they are getting trained to fight with the gun at the age of 4-5.rediculiously shocking.they were trained to ruin the world to establish their religious a days some people don’t have bread to eat.dont have to wear clothes can’t get medicine when they are ill. But those religious activists just think about their own glory.never think if a person is dying they need the help to save their life first.i also seen of a person is from different religion they don’t have sympathy for them.if religion teach us manner teach us humanity why there is differences.why Arab people don’t help the whole Muslim countries why England America and the other Christian countries don’t help the people in need.actually evryone is being just selfish to be own self.another thing mentioned I’m not a person who can change the world or change your personal view I just want you to open your your heart.listen to your heart.

To be continued 


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