Everything is shutting down.lights are getting darker.every single aspect is negative.all the hopes are getting faded.i know life is hard but can’t bear it anymore.my friends I’m not weak.I’m strong but my reality makes me ill.knowing danger I play with fire.i don’t av choice.im happy in healthy.but nobody knows what I’m going through.8 years is long time but now it’s just a number.i forgot the difference between day or night forgot the need for life.all I know is I’ve to survive but it seems to impossible.im never negative but reality makes me like this.some close people so called friends always pulling me down.but I don’t care.im the one who I am


3 thoughts on “Hard ”

  1. Dude, I assure you that not everything is shutting down – some things open and some things close – that is the nature of the cyclical world we live in. Similarly, some lights are getting dimmer and others are getting brighter. There is no negativity without positivity – they are simply opposites – the presence of one indicates the presence of the other. Hope is a different kind of beast. Anyone watching the world and the multiplicity of woes can easily lose hope, but if we watch the light within – that which comes from God, then hope springs eternal. Life is hard when we try to get our pleasures from the outside, but when we stick with God first and view all else in his reflected light then everything is not just bearable but it is a pleasure. You are strong. Your reality enables you to know this and to know the path to happiness. It’s all about choosing that which helps you to progress – not a choice on the outside like whether to eat fries or pasta, but a choice on the inside as to whether to eat the meal in the company of God. There is always this choice – no-one but you can dictate your inner thoughts and decisions. Happy is good, healthy is good, but never make your happiness dependant on the health of your body. Look after the vehicle you inhabit and use to move through the world, but always make your happiness dependant on the light of God within. God does not let us down, but the body can. True – nobody in the world knows what you’re going through. True – 8 years is long time. True also though that God knows what is happening with you and that 8 years is a small time on the scale that God works to. Just remember the cycle – day follows night follows day, and then remember that above that cycle – God is good. Keep strong. Survive and thrive. All is possible when we keep our hand in God’s. What we call reality is but a shadow of the true reality within – that of God’s love for us – if only we would clear a space – just a small space. Don’t bother clinging to people or friends. When you remain with God, you can be their rock, but don’t try to make them your rock. You are the one who you are, my friend – you are strong. Go with God and you will be stronger.
    Kindness – Robert.


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